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OK, Welcome to TV Talkin'; a miscellaneous music information site once maintained as a hobby by me to help trace and trade rare performance and interview TV appearances and films by my favourite artists. This started off as being Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen (as, but over the last few years I've added pages on a few other favourites and have rare DVDs by a wide number of performers on my trading list. These days I'm trading less as the quantity of material is getting out of hand and there are others doing the same - often much better!  Also, the music companies are finally recognising the value of this material and we're slowly seeing more material commercially released.  This is great and was always one of the objectives of the site - nothing here is intended to breach copyright or rob the artists of their rightful dues - what has been frustrating though is the unwillingness to make material avaialble to genuine fans who just want to see past performances. 

By and large I'm done with trading these days, but if there's something you'd like to see, drop me an email at




The Full DVD Trading List for all artists
including Morrissey/The Smiths - Elvis Costello - David Bowie – Bjork – Pink Floyd -Peter Gabriel/Genesis – Coldplay – Amy Macdonald – Steve Hillage/Gong – Joni Mitchell – U2 – The Rolling Stones - The Beatles -

Hawkwind DVD Trading List

Check out the TV Talkin' DVD Quick List for a list of all DVD titles. 

I'm not a big collector of audio CDR but what I have is here.  

How Can I Get a Copy of xxxxx?
I prefer to trade for other DVD, but if you don't have anything I need I am prepared to provide copies of DVDs from my lists in return for a donation towards the costs of running the site and providing discs and covers etc. I ask for UK£5.00 for each disc + a single worldwide shipping charge of UK£3.50 per order (£2 if in UK). If you use PayPal (preferred) you can order by sending me a list at and I'll contact you.  Any small profit from sales is ploughed back into the site, hopefully resulting in better information and more DVDs. Some recent finds have only come to light because collectors have dug deep to buy copies from commercial archives.

Notice: TV Talkin' does not host or link to any media content and does not trade or supply officially released material.  TV Talkin' exists to support the industry and the artists it loves!! Donations only accepted towards the running of the site and locating lost archives which hopefully the copyright owners will restore and release for our enjoyment.  Thanks.  

The Year-by-Year Video Diaries and other Pages
One of the main products I worked on a few years back has been comprehensive chronologies of the film/TV appearances of my favourite artists and I've been happy to share these if they're useful.  As well as the year-by-year lists there are also a few other odds and ends which may be of interest - again, mostly incomplete (seemed a god idea at the time, but not enough hours in the day to keep everything up to date!).    
Bob Dylan 1960-1964
Bob Dylan 1965-1969
Bob Dylan 1970-1979
Bob Dylan 1980-1983
Bob Dylan 1984-1985
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Bob Dylan 1997-1999
Bob Dylan 2000-2011
Bob Dylan's Hats
Leonard Cohen 1934-2011
Leonard Cohen Tickets, Posters & Books

The Smiths Tickets
Photos of Morrissey!

Hawkwind 1960-2006
Hawkwind Discography
Hawkwind Tickets Gallery
Hawkwind Tour Programmes Gallery
Hawkwind DVD covers Gallery
Bjork 1993-1999
Bjork 2000-2005

The Beatles 1962
The Beatles 1963
The Beatles 1964
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I'm assuming you're visiting TV Talkin' as you're interested in rare and hard to find films and already have all the commercial releases - but just in case you haven't - here's some links to Amazon shops with TV Talkin' recommendations. Remember I don't trade in commercially available products - support the music industry and buy them from here:

The Amazon UK Index

Bob Dylan Amazon UK Store
Leonard Cohen Amazon UK Store
Morrissey/The Smiths Amazon UK Store
Coldplay Amazon UK Store
David Bowie Amazon UK Store
Bjork Amazon UK Store
Hawkwind Amazon UK Store

Ideally, all material would be commercially available and then I wouldn't need to run this site! But there isn't the demand for most of the more obscure stuff so I offer this trade service to collectors & fans until things change.  Nothing here is intended to breach copyright or IPR - if you spot anything you believe shouldn't be listed, let me know and I'll take it down.  As some archive material has finally found commercial release I've removed it from my lists and added it to the Amazon pages.  One of the successes of sites like TV Talkin' has been to demonstrate the demand for 'old' footage and convince the media companies to release it. 

Enjoy the site, I hope you find something of interest.



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