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Bob picks up the pace in 1965 as he goes electric and produces seminal albums and performances. First as a solo artist in 1965 and then joining forces with The Band in 1966. Then almost as quickly as it started, it's over. Bob retires from view for a couple of years after his 'motorcycle accident' before slowly re-emerging at the very end of the swinging sixties.

17/2/65 - The Les Crane Show - WABC-TV, New York - 2 songs (40m)
It's all over now, baby blue/It's alright ma, I'm only bleeding
Again, so far as I know, not available on video. The audio tape contains the complete interview and both the songs on which Bob is accompanied by Bruce Langhorne on electric guitar. A transcript of this interview is available at the Bread Crumb Sins site.

22 March 1965 - Release of 5th Album, Bringing it All Back Home
26/4/65 - Heathrow Airport TV News **(1m)
A short clip from the TV news film of Bob Dylan arriving at Heathrow. Used in a French 60's TV programme called 'Tetes de Bois Tendres Annees 66', we see Bob and his light bulb boarding the bus to the airport and a few (silent) shots of the press conference.

April/May 1965 - Don't Look Back - Official Film Release - ***** 5 songs+ (1h 25m)
Subterranean homesick blues/(Only a pawn in their game)/Hattie Carroll(i)/It's all over now, baby blue/Love minus zero(i). The classic D A Pennebaker documentary of the 1965 UK tour. Now on DVD.

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30/4/65 - "Don't Look Back" out-takes - ****1 song (4m)
To Ramona, from the Sheffield show. Pennebaker shot over 50 hours of film for 'Don't Look Back'. Maybe one day we'll get to see more, but they're currently archived - I think that it's thought that their release would detract from the original work. The audio of this is included on the DVD which also includes an alternative 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' film.

1/6/65 - "Bob Dylan" BBC-TV, London 12 songs (?)
Hollis Brown/Mr Tambourine man/Gates of Eden/If you gotta go, go now/Hattie Carroll/It ain't me, babe/Love minus zero/One too many mornings/Boots of spanish leather/It's alright ma/She belongs to me/It's all over now, baby blue
Another black mark against the BBC. This was broadcast in two shows on 19 and 26 June 1965, but is now probably lost forever. It's the show we see Albert Grossman and Tito Burns haggling over in 'Don't Look Back'. Some stills turned up in Telegraph 39 - including the picture on the left. This is circulating in audio only and is worth seeking out.

24/7/65 - Newport Folk Festival - 'Festival' documentary****1 song (3m)
All I really want to do
Some of the audio from the 1964 Festival is confusingly edited in with the 1965 performance of this song. Film of the afternoon soundcheck is also included.

25/7/65 - Newport Folk Festival - 'Festival' documentary *****2 songs (10m)
Maggies farm(i)/Mr Tambourine Man
Maggies farm was the first "electric" song played by Dylan in concert, backed by the unseen Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Dylan borrows an 'E' harmonica from the audience for Tambourine Man.
New York 1965
Unknown location - a few seconds of Bob at a party somewhere in NYC. Yes, he is sticking the bottle in his ear.
July/August 1965 - Andy Warhol & The Factory(?)
There are two glimpses of Dylan in 'Factory' (Tangled Up In Tapes). A screen test for "50 Famous & 50 Fantastic Personalitiess" was also shot. I'm not entirely sure where this short silent clip originates from.

30 August 1965 - Release of 6th Album, Highway 61 Revisted
22 November 1965 - Bob Dylan marries Sara Lowndes

3/12/65 - KQED-TV Press Conference - San Francisco ***(51m)
Nearly an hour of this press conference is available.
Dylan is in relaxed form at this Poetry Festival event with generally friendly questions from the likes of Allen Ginsberg.

16/12/65 - CBS Press Conference - Los Angeles **** (8m)
Eight minutes of the LA press conference with Dylan in good humour are available (though I've only got about 30 seconds).
1966 World Tour Home Movies
1966 World Tour, The Home Movies
is an insight into Bob Dylan, his first electric tour, and a behind the scenes look at the making of the film "Eat the Document". Mickey Jones' never before released home movie footage features Bob Dylan and The Band - Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, and Mickey Jones - traveling through Hawaii, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, France, England and Ireland in the Spring of 1966. Also featured are "Eat The Document" filmmaker D.A. Pennabaker, Howard Alk, Albert Grossman, Victor Maimudes, and Bob Neuwirth.

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April 1966 - Australia Tour
"Tonight Show with Don Lane" - TCNG Channel 9 -TV, Sydney
I've seen this mentioned, but know no more about it. There was also a press conference at the airport from which the photo on the left derives.
21/4/66 - Extracts exist from the Adelaide Press Conference.
Dylan also appeared on a TV show called 'Bandstand' though I've no info as to what was performed - Isis 87 suggests footage of three or four songs from one of the Melbourne shows was used.
April 1966 - Melbourne Hotel Room - 17-20 April 1966
12 seconds of silent film shows a bare-footed Bob smoking amongst his crowd of hangers-on and journalists.

27/4/66 - Stockholm arrival - Swedish TV News - **(2m)
Swedish commentary over airport shots of Dylan and entourage. Two alternative films exist.
16 May 1966 - Release of 7th Album, Blonde on Blonde
May 1966 - Eat the Document - Official film. *****9 songs (6i) (1h)
Baby let me follow you down/I don't believe you/Ballad of a thin man/Just like tom thumb's blues/One too many mornings/Tell me momma/3 untitled
DA Pennebaker again, but this time edited by Dylan and Howard Alk. The film follows a manic Dylan on his 1966 European tour. CP Lee's 'Like a Bullet of Light' is a good source for more details on this.

May 1966 - Eat the Document Out-takes - *** 3 songs(i)(30m)
Where there be official releases, there be out-takes. 'Leopardskin pillbox hat' and a few seconds more from 'I don't believe you" and 'Ballad of a thin man' exist - apparently from the 1 May 1966 Copenhagen show.
Also extensive tedious stoned banter with John Lennon from 26 May 1966.
29 July 1966 - Bob falls of his motorbike and the rest of the year is cancelled.
1967 - Bob spends a quiet summer with The Band laying down The Basement Tapes.
The year also sees the release of Don't Look Back and Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits.
27 December 1967 - Release of 8th Album, John Wesley Harding
1968 - Bob stays at home. Then The Man in Black came to the rescue.

17/2/69 - Johnny Cash, The Man and his Music Documentary - *****1 song (5m)
Dylan returns from his self-imposed exile under the wing of Cash. This film finds them in the studio together recording One too many mornings. Now on DVD.

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9 April 1968 - Release of 9th Album, Nashville Skyline

1/5/69 - The Johnny Cash Show - ABC-TV - ****3 songs (10m)
I threw it all away/Living the blues/Girl from the north country
Dylan's association with Cash continues with a guest appearance on his TV show. Two solo songs and a duet with Cash on the last. My copy is very washed out and tinted yellow, is this the best there is?
Apparently each song was run through two or three times, so there could be more in the archives... (Rolling Stone Magazine 31/5/69).

27/8/69 - Isle of Wight Press Conference - TV News - BBC - **(30s)
Bored Bob wants to see Tennyson's house. Short additonal clips of this press conference are also around. A transcript is available at the Bread Crumb Sins site.

31/8/69 - Isle of Wight - TV News
***Spanish TV News - 1 song(i) (2m)
Most of "She belongs to me" from a variety of sources. Other clips from the concert are also available but most have no sound or talk-overs. Many include shots of The Beatles in the crowd. A few seconds of 'Maggies Farm' were shown on CBS recently.

2/9/69 - Heathrow airport departure - TV News **- (2m)
Silent film of Bob and Sara catching the plane home again.

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