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The early 1980's were a continuation of The Gospel Years that had begun in earnest in 1979. Dylan was fired up and played some great shows. He also started, somewhat reluctantly, to dabble with the new music video trend, with mixed results. Following the Gospel Tours, Dylan was off the road in 1982 and 1983 whilst he put his new found beliefs in perspective and came up with the less evangelical Infidels.
27/2/80 - Grammy Awards '80 - ***** - 1 song (10m)
Dylan (in suit and bow-tie!) renders a great version of 'Gotta serve somebody' and collects the award for best male rock vocal performance.
20/4/80 - Massey Hall, Toronto **** 16 songs
Gotta Serve Somebody/I Believe in You/When He Returns/Ain't Gonna To to Hell/Cover Down Break Through/Man Gave Names to All the Animals/Precious Angel/Slow Train Coming/Do Right to Me Baby/Solid Rock/Saving Grace/Saved/What Can I Do for You?/In the Garden/Are You Ready?/Pressing On
This show was filmed at Dylan's request. An excellent record of the 80's gospel shows. Film was also shot at 3 other concerts around this time (19/4, 30/4 and 1/5) presumably for a project that got no further.

15/5/80 - Pat Crosby Interview - KDKA-TV (3m)
This interview was conducted at the Hilton Hotel in Pittsburgh and broadcast the same day. The interview appears in Joel Gilbert's DVD Bob Dylan 1975-1981 Rolling Thunder and The Gospel Years (2006).
20 June 1980 - Release of 23rd Album, Saved
21/6/81- Toulouse - French TV News - Antenne 2 - **2 songs (i) (5m)
French news report of the Toulouse gig, with snippets of "Watered Down Love", "Solid Rock" and "Just Like a Woman" in B&W.
9/7/81 - Oslo TV News - (?) - 10 seconds or so of "Gotta Serve Somebody" with reporter talking over.

14/7/81 - Bad Segeberg TV News - * - 1 song - (2m)(i)
Two clips featuring verses from "Rolling stone".
22/7/81 - Andreas Forst Interview - Austria - ORF Channel 02 *** - 1 song(f) (5m)
Dylan appears outside his hotel and signs autographs whilst answering the odd question from an Austrian TV interviewer. The item winds up with a clip of "Won't let go", presumably from the Vienna show. I also have two clips from 'Rolling Stone' and 'Just like a woman' which are from around this time.
Sorry, no still available 25/7/81 - Avignon
This show was filmed by Howard Alk, Clips from 'Shot of Love' and 'Heart of Mine' are available, with more to come? I've only got a few scant seconds from these films at the moment. I guess one of the reasons this film has never been officially released is that two members of the audience died in accidents, one of which cut the power to the stage for a while.
12 August 1981 - Release of 24th Album, Shot OF Love

15/3/82 - Songwriters Hall of Fame - TV News - ** (5m)
Dylan gets an award. What took them so long? Also includes interview with Jane Hansen of NBC-TV.


6/6/82 - Peace Sunday - Pasedena - ABC-TV ** - 3 songs (15m)
With God on our side/Pirate looks at forty/Blowin' in the wind
Bob joins Joan Baez for three songs at the Peace concert. The sound is none too good and Dylan hangs back from the mike quite a bit.
27/3/83 - 'John Hammond - From Bessie Smith to Bruce Springsteen' - *(2m)
This official video release contains a couple of old Dylan clips plus this film of Dylan paying tribute to Hammond. Currently deleted according to BlackStar.
May 1983 - Infidels - Unreleased Promotional Videos - ***2 songs (10m)
'Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight'/'License to Kill'
Filmed in a studio setting with the 'Infidels' session players, including Mark Knopfler. 'Don't Fall Apart' is not the album version but the outtake.


October 1983 - Infidels Promotional Video - *1 song (5m)
Sweetheart like you - a bit naff.

1 November 1983 - Release of 25th Album, Infidels

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