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1986 continued in the same vein as the previous two years, as Dylan hooked up first with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for a world tour and then with Rupert Everett and Fiona for Hearts of Fire. The remainder of the decade saw Dylan tour with the Grateful Dead in the States and join The Travelling Wilburys before starting his regular series of short tours that would become knownas The Never Ending Tour.

20/1/86 - Martin Luther King Day - Concert - NBC-TV - ****4 songs (20m) (4*4)
*Bells of freedom/I shall be released/Blowin' in the wind/Happy birthday
Bob looks very glitzy and gives "Released" the Las Vegas treatment, but with a sharp new lyric. He is joined by Peter, Paul & Mary and Stevie Wonder for "Blowin' in the wind" and is on-stage for the finale with Elizabeth Taylor. My copy is missing "Bells of freedom".

27/1/86 - National Appreciation Awards - US TV ***(2m)
Dylan makes a generous congratulation speech to Willie Nelson, with particular reference to Farm Aid.
3/2/86 - New Zealand airport TV News - *(1m)
TV News footage of Bob being held up at Aukland airport. He makes two comments to journalists, but not really enough to qualify either as 'an interview'.

9/2/86 - George Negus Interview - Australian TV *(13m)
Interviewer has Dylan firmly stereo-typed as a relic from the sixties, but clips of soundcheck and arrival included.

10/2/86 - Sydney Press Conference - **(7m)
Petty and Dylan have fun with the media. My copy is black & white and generally poor.

22/2/86 - Maurice Parker Interview - Australian TV ****1 song(f) (6m)
Nice film, Bob smiling and quite open. Also includes clips of "Rolling Stone" from Melbourne. A longer version of this, in black and white is also available.
24-25/2/86 - "Hard to Handle" - Official video release - Sydney, Australia - ****10 songs (50m)
In the garden/Just like a woman/Like a rolling stone/It's alright ma/Girl from the north country/Lenny Bruce/When the night comes falling/Ballad of a thin man/I'll remember you/Knockin' on heaven's door
Shot (for some reason) from above the direction gets in the way of the performance too much for this to be a classic. Still, you can't complain for a tenner - though it's currently shown as deleted at BlackStar.
10/3/86 - Tokyo - MTV Interview - **(15m)
Presumably shot to go with the clips below, only 30s shown, a very peculiar looking Dylan (with his white hood up) and Petty take questions.

10/3/86 - Tokyo - MTV - ***14 songs(i) (42m)
Justine/Positively 4th Street/Clean cut kid/I'll remember you/Trust yourself/Masters of war/Mr Tambourine man/Girl from the north country/Rainy day women/Seeing the real you/Across the borderline(f)/I and I/Like a rolling stone/Knockin' on heaven's door
Filmed fo MTV but not shown. Clips from most of the songs played. Also includes a couple of songs from Tom Petty's set.
31/3/86 - ASCAP Founders Award - *(1m)
Dylan arrives at the ASCAPs with Elizabeth Taylor.

31/3/86 - ASCAP Founders Award - CNN-TV * (7m)
Dylan accepts an award from the Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. Complete TV News source footage circulating.
31/3/86 - ASCAP Founders Award - **(3m)
A good humoured Bob takes a few questions as he leaves the ASCAP awards ceremony,
10/4/86 - Hollywood Press Conference - ***(10m)
Press conference to launch the second leg of the Dylan/Petty world tour.

6/6/86 - The Amnesty Show - ***2 songs (8m)
Licence to kill/Shake a hand
Charity appearance with Tom Petty. Nice multi-camera film, once again my copy isn't as good a quality as it could be.

9/6/86 - San Diego TV News - ** 2 songs(i) (6m)
Positively 4th street/Clean cut kid
This is the whole of a film shot for a TV news programme.

4/7/86 - Farm Aid 2 - Rich Stadium, Buffalo, New York - *** 18 songs (1h 20m)
So long, good luck/Positively 4th Street/Clean cut kid/Emotionally yours/Trust yourself/We had it all/Masters of war/To Ramona/One too many mornings/Hard rain/I forgot more/Band of the hand/When the night comes falling from the sky/Lonesome town/Thin man/Rainy day women/Seeing the real you at last/Across the borderline
Satellite link up for Farm Aid 2. Almost the whole concert was taped.

8/7/86 - Message to Ian & Sylvia - *(10s)
Bob appears on video to say hello to Canadian folk singers Ian and Sylvia.
14 July 1986 - Release of 28th Album, Knocked Out Loaded
16/7/86 - New York TV News - * 1 song(f) (1m)
Fragment of "Clean cut kid" from the Madison Square Garden show.

Also believed to be circulating but not in my collection at the moment:
6/7/86 - Washington - 1 song(i) (?m) - Most of "Clean cut kid".
24/7/86 - Bonner Springs - 1 song(f) (1m) - Fragment of "Clean cut kid"
31/7/86 - Tacoma - 1 song(f) (1m) - Fragment of, would you believe, "Clean cut kid" again!

6/8/86 - Paso Robles TV News -** 1 song(f) (2m)
Short clip of "Brownsville Girl" (possibly from the soundcheck) makes this the most interesting of the 1986 news clips.

14/9/86 - Chabad Telethon '86 - **1 song (10m)
Dylan makes an appearance on the jewish charity show, singing "Thank God" and making an appeal.

1986 - "Hearts of Fire" News film ** - 17/8/86 - London Press Conference - (10m)
Two breakfast TV news films of the National Film Theatre Press Conference with Dylan not at his most co-operative. A transcript is available at the Bread Crumb Sins site. Also:
19/9/86 - Bristol location reports - (7m)
BBC & HTV news reports of the work in progress on "Hearts".
September 1986 - "Getting to Dylan" - BBC Omnibus***(1h)
Lots of Dylan clips and "Fire" filming. Not a bad interview at the end of the trail either. The documentary was broadcast on 18 September 1987.

1986 - "Hearts of Fire" News film **October 1986 - Film '86 Preview - (3m) (4*4)
Location report on the shooting of "Hearts". Includes some film of Dylan rehearsing concert scenes and short (two questions) interview shown on 25/11/86. Also:
10/10/86 - Canadian News - (?)
More clips of the "Hearts" location shooting.

1986 - "Hearts of Fire" - Official Film Release *4 songs (1h 35m)
Directed by Richard Marquand. Dylan does his best with limp script and poor co-stars. Officially released on video, but you'll have a struggle to find it now, and an even greater struggle to watch it all the way through. Out-takes are apparently around, but I have no other details

10/11/86 - JUNO Awards - *(5m)
A reluctant Dylan, who seems more interested in the bank of TV screens behind him than the audience, presents an award to Gordon Lightfoot.
19/2/87 - Palomino Club, Hollywood - WBZ-TV News(2 songs)
Short clip of the 'Johnny B Goode' and 'Peggy Sue' all-star jam with George Harrison and John Fogerty were broadcast by a Boston channel.

11/3/87 - The Gershwin Gala - ****1 song (3m)
Dylan does an acoustic "Soon". The critics didn't like it, but I do.

Summer 1987 - 'La Bamba' Trailer - (1m)
A brief appearance commenting on Richie Valens for the film promo, filmed whilst Dylan is driving around Malibu.

4/7/87 - Sullivan stadium, Foxboro - Dylan with the Grateful Dead - ****(1h)
The Times They Are A-Changin, Man Of Peace, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, John Brown, I Want You, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Stuck Inside Of Mobile, Queen Jane Approximately, Chimes Of Freedom, Slow Train
This is a rough line feed video with PA sound of one Dylan's outings with the Grateful Dead.

12/7/87 - Giant's Stadium, East Rutherford - Dylan with the Grateful Dead - *** (1h 5m)
Stuck Inside Of Mobile, Tomorrow Is A Long Time, Highway 61 Revisited, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, Ballad Of A Thin Man, John Brown, The Wicked Messenger, Queen Jane Approximately, Chimes Of Freedom, Joey, All Along The Watchtower (f)
Multi-camera film shot by the Dead road crew. Contains most of the Dylan set (10 out of 14 songs).

Sorry, no still available

17/9/87 - Trep Tower Festwiese, East Berlin -WABC-TV (?)
Only a rumour, but some of this gig was filmed. I don't know if it is likely to become generally available or not.
18 January 1988 - Release of 29th Album, Dylan and The Dead
20/1/88 - Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame - **2 songs (45m)
All along the watchtower/Like a rolling stone
Bruce Springsteen puts Dylan in the Hall of Fame. An all-star jam follows.
31 May 1988 - Release of 30th Album, Down In The Groove
1988 - "The Travelling Wilburys Volume One" - Promo videos -**2 songs (8m)
Handle with care/End of the line
Pretty straightforward stuff. The boys look like they're having fun.

1988 - The Travelling Wilburys "Whatever Wibury, Wibury" - * (8m)
Extra video of the Wilbury's, including recording session anda photo-call. Apparently used by Warners Brothers at a sales convention. Little Bob content but my copy quite poor in black & white.
7/11/88 - Lalonde vs. Leonard
Bob was given a free ticket to this fight by Lalonde, who lost the WBC light-heavyweight title to Sugar Ray Leonard early on. Bob can be clearly seen in the crowd during the coverage, right between the fighters in this case, as Leonard lands one of the final punches.
4/12/88 - The Bridge School Benefit - ***6 songs (25m)
San Francisco bay blues/Pretty boy floyd/With God on our side/Girl from the north country/Gates of eden/Forever young. Excellent acoustic set by GE Smith and Dylan.
28/6/89 - Van Morrison Arena Special BBC-TV - ***3 songs (10m)
Crazy Love/Foreign window/One Irish rover
Nice piece of film, shot in Greece. Dylan being particularly laid back.
Some of that evenings Athens gig was also filmed by BBC2.
19 September 1989 - Release of 31st Album, Oh Mercy
20/9/89 - "Oh Mercy" - Promotional Video - * - 1 song (5m)
Political world.
Another poor effort.
24/9/89 - Chabad Telethon '89 - ** - 3 yiddish folk songs (10m)
Bob gets back to his roots with Harry Dean Stanton and Peter Himmelmann in a band they call "Chopped Liver". Bob gets to play the flute and the recorder. He sings a bit too.

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