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The early 90's set the pattern for the rest of the decade - regular short tours interspersed with recording sessions and very occassional public media appearances, which grew less and less frequesnt as time went on. Set against this trend we had the release of the first volumes of The Bootleg Series and the Madison Square Gardens 30 year anniversary tribute concert.

25/1/90 - Brazil "Hollywood Rock" ***5 songs (25m)
Lay lady lay/All along the watchtower/Mr Tambourine man/Blowin' in the wind/Like a rolling stone
This is now available in better quality which will make all the difference.

30/1/90 - "Commandeur Des Artistes" - French & US TV news - ** - (5m)
Dylan receives award from French Minister of Culture and makes his acceptance speech in French! A segment of Dylan's show at the Grand Rex Theatre (I'm not sure which night) was shot to complement the story.

24/2/90 - Roy Orbison Tribute - **** - 3 songs - (15m)
Mr Tambourine Man/He was a friend of mine/Only the lonely - Dylan performs with McGuin and the Byrds.
"Only the Lonely" features the ensemble of stars. Bob joins in on guitar but doesn't actually sing on "He was a friend of mine".
On this same day, CNN ran a Palimony Lawsuit story about Dylan that included a short clip (of what I'm not sure).
2/3/90 - "Oh Mercy"Promotional Video - ***1 song (10m)
Most of the time - A live take of the track with the "Red Sky" band.
There are also two versions of "Everything is Broken" available, both semi-official (whatever that means).
Sorry, no still available 7/7/90 - Belgium - TV News 1 song(f) (1m)
A fragment of "What was it you wanted" from the Tourhout festival.
1990 "Catchfire" - Film release - *(1m)
Bob makes a cameo appearance and has two lines in this Dennis Hopper film. This was called "Backtrack" in the States, just to confuse things and is now out on DVD.


11 September 1990 - Release of 32nd Album, Under The Red Sky
17/9/90 - "Under the Red Sky"Promotional Video - *1 song (5m)
Unbelievable (The track not the video). Bob hams it up with Molly Grimwold and a pig. There's even a story line. No, I don't know what it means.

30 October 1990 - Release of Traveling Wilburys Volume III
19/1/1991- "Travelling Wilburys VolumeThree" - Promo videos **4 songs (20m)
Inside out/She's my babyNobody's Child//Wilbury twist/*Dirty world
High jinx and jolly japes with the Wilburys. "Dirty World" was made but not officially released.
A longer film was put together by the crew including all the videos, out-takes and other bits of film. Unsure as to how much new Dylan content is included.
20/2/91- Grammy Awards '91 - *****1 song (15m)
Dylan gives an energetic, if incomprehensible performance of "Masters of War" and that legendary acceptance speech.
26 March 1991 - Release of 33rd Album, The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3
1/5/91- "The Bootleg Series" -Promotional video -*****1 song (5m)
Series of Dreams. A video montage that, combined with a great song, results in Dylans best video to date. Mostly made up of old clips, it does include some early '91(?) hooded Dylan walking the streets.

24 May 1991 - Bob's 50th birthday.
16/9/91 - Chabad Telethon '91 ****1 song (10m)
Dylan makes an appeal and backs up Kinky Friedman on "Sold American". I'm a big Kinkster fan, so 5*'s!

17/10/91 - Guitar Legends - Seville *****6 songs (30m)
All along the watchtower/Boots of spanish leather/Across the borderline/Answer me/Shake, rattle and roll/Can't turn you loose - With Jack Bruce, Richard Thompson and Keith Richards. A really goodpiece of film. Lovely versions of "Borderline" and "Answer me". A short MTV clip of the afternoons soundcheck was also shown.
18/1/92 - David Letterman Anniversary - ****1 song (7m)
Dylan with guests Chrissie Hynde, Roseanne Cash, Michelle Shocked, Emmylou Harris, Carole King and others play "Like a rolling stone". Two performances were filmed, but only the second was shown and is available.
1992 TV News - 17/4/92 - New Zealand TV News - (4m)
Two news clips (one with brief "interview") of Dylan arriving at Auckland airport on the latest leg of the never-ending tour. Not seen by me yet.
1992 TV News - *26/6/92 - Lulea, Sweden - TV News - (1m)
Poor quality and very short news clip fragments of Maggies Farm and Ballad of a Thin Man from the Lulea show.
16/10/92 - Bob Dylan Tribute Concert -Madison Square Gardens - New York *****4 songs (20m)
Song to Woody/It's Alright Ma/My Back Pages/ Knockin' on Heaven's Door/Girl of the North Country
Bob is honoured by his friends and compatriots.
Lots of covers in the full show, if you like that sort of thing. Also, film of Bob rehearsing 'It Takes A Lot To Laugh' and 'My Back Pages' is available.
3 November 1992 - Release of 34th Album, Good As I Been To You

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