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The mid-90's cntinued pretty much in the vein set out at the start of the never Ending Tour - gigs, recording and little public activity.
13/1/93 - Columbia Country Music Celebration - Nashville - *****1 song (5m)
Bob performs 'Heartland' with Willie Nelson. Stunning.

17/1/93 - Bill Clinton Inauguration Concert - Washington - **** - 1 song (5m)
Chimes of freedom
- Bob sings for his President. I quite like this performance and Bob looks pretty good too.

17/1/93 - Blue Jeans Club, TV News*(1m)
A couple of seconds of Bob enjoying himself singing something I can't quite make out at the alternative inauguration party. A 15m video shot by a relative of the band is also available with Dylan providing accompanying guitar on 'To Be Alone With You', 'Key to the Highway', 'I Shall Be Released' and '(I Don't Want To) Hang Up My Rock'n'Roll Shoes'.
25/2/93 - TV News - Belfast Airport Arrival - *(5m)
Bob being pestered by a cameraman at Belfast Airport. No wonder he doesn't go out much.
28/4/93 - Willie Nelson: The Big Six-0 - An All Star Birthday Celebration *****2 songs (15m)
Pancho and Lefty/Hard Times
Duet with Willie again on 'Pancho', and a great 'Hard Times'. Also includes short tribute to Willie Nelson interview. Nice film.

21/7/93 - 'World Gone Wrong' Promo - *****1 song (5m)
'Blood in my eyes' - Bob wanders around Camden Town in a moody but fun black and white video.

21/8/93 - CNN Interview, Seattle - ***(5m)
Bob chats amiably about touring with Santana. Includes a fragment of 'All Along The Watchtower'.
21/8/93 - MTV Interview, Seattle - ***(12m)
Bob chats less amiably about modern music to MTV. This is now available in full from the source tape.
26 October 1993 - Release of 35th Album, World Gone Wrong
16-17/11/93 - The Supper Club, New York(?)
Four concerts over two days were filmed by Bob, but were canned when he didn't like the results for some reason.
Fragments of 'One Too Many Mornings' and 'Queen Jane' turned up on the 'Highway 61 Interactive' CD-ROM. Also the briefest fragment of 'Forever Young' was shown on a Channel 9 news story about the gigs.
18/11/93 - David Letterman Show - ****1 song (5m)
Letterman again. This time its 'Forever Young'.
15/2/94 - Brit awards - Van Morrison Tribute - ****(2m)
Amusing semi-musical tribute to Van the Man - presumably recorded somewhat earlier - probably Los Angeles in January rehearsals?
10/3/94 - Jack Nicholson Tribute - *(2m)
There's Bob, sitting behind Harry Dean Stanton during the speeches at a celebrity bash. That's it!
23/3/94 - Tricia Yearwood Concert - Hollywood, RAI UNO Country, Rythmn & Blues show - ***1 song (i) (1m)
A fragment of 'Tomorrow Night'. Short but sweet.
20-22/5/94 - The Great Music Experience - *****3 songs (20m)
Hard Rain/I shall be Released/Ring Them Bells
Orchestral backing makes this an unusual one. 'Hard Rain' stands out with its haunted liesurely arrangement.
About 30s of the rehearsals are also available for the curious ('Ring them bells') as is a source tape which includes the few minutes that weren't actually broadcast. Bob played this set on three nights (20-22 May) and film from both 21st and 22nd nights are available.
14/8/94 - Woodstock '94 - ****12 songs (1hr 15m)
Jokerman/Just like a Woman/All Along the Watchtower/It Takes a Lot to Laugh/Don't Think Twice/Masters of War/Baby Blue/God Knows/I Shall Be Released/Highway 61/Rainy Day Women/It Ain't Me Babe
Great Film of Bob's Woodstock set.
17/10/94 - David Letterman Show - (2m)
A fragment of Dylan rehearsing "I Want You" at the Roseland Theatre as a backdrop to a Letterman sketch with his bandleader, Paul Schaffer.
16/11/94 - MTV Unplugged Rehearsal - ***** - 11 Songs (1hr)
I want you/Tombstone blues/I want you/Don't think twice/Desolation Row/Hazel/Everything is broken/The times they are a-changin'/Love minus zero/Dignity/With god on our side
Brilliant relaxed rehearsal for the MTV show, Excellent vocal mix and no audience or lights in the way - better than the actual show I think!

17-18/11/94 - MTV Unplugged - *****12 songs (1hr 13m)
Tombstone Blues/Shooting Star/All Along the Watchtower/The Times They are a-changin'/John Brown/Desolation Row/Rainy Day Women/Love Minus Zero/Dignity/Knockin' on Heaven's Door/Like a Rolling Stone/With God on our Side
'I Want You'
was omitted from the video release but is available from the TV broadcast.

12/4/95 - Dublin - (?)
Bob and Elvis Costello were filmed on the streets of Dublin - apparently for a film to accompany 'I shall be released' - Ironically the film remains unreleased.
30 June 1995 - Release of 36th Album, MTV Unplugged
11/8/95 - Jerry Garcia's Funeral - TV news(?)
Funeral service at the St. Stephan church in Belvedere. Musicians in attendance included band members, Bruce Hornsby and Bob Dylan. A very small grave site service was held, primarily for family and the band. TV news coverage included in documentary 'The E! True Hollywood Story' on Jerry's career. The image on the left is from a press photo, not the video - which I'm missing.
1/9/95 - The Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame - ***5 songs (25m)
All Along The Watchtower/Approximately Queen Jane/Seeing the Real You at Last/Highway 61/forever Young
Add a star if you're into Springsteen, who joins in on 'Forever Young'.

19/11/95 - Frank Sinatra 80th Birthday Tribute - *****1 song (7m)
A rare, and absolutely superb, outing for 'Restless Farewell'. Probably the best TV performance in recent years.

29/6/96 - Prince's Trust Concert - Hyde Park****3 songs (20m)
Leopardskin Pillbox Hat/Tom Thumbs Blues/Silvio
Bob tackles 'Pillbox Hat' without a guitar, which is pretty cool. I assume the rest of this set must be around somewhere?
Several TV news stories carried very brief clips of 'Tangled up in Blue' and Bob meeting Prince Charles.
13/7/96 - Hamburg TV News *(1m)
Footage of Dylan walking backstage looking a bit like a spaceman in his silver suit and pink head towel. .

also around:
19/7/96 - Molde, Norway - TV News
A short clip of 'All Along The Watchtower' was shown.

3/8/96 - House Of Blues, Atlanta - ****17 songs (120m)
To Be Alone With You; Shake Sugaree; All Along The Watchtower; You're A Big Girl Now; It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry; Silvio; Boots Of Spanish Leather; Ballad Of Hollis Brown; Don't Think Twice, It's All Right; Maggie's Farm; She Belongs To Me; Highway 61 Revisited; Alabama Getaway; My Back Pages; Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35.
It's good to have a full set from this period and this is worth seeking out.

4/8/96 - House Of Blues, Atlanta - ***10 songs (70m)
To Be Alone With You/Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You/All Along The Watchtower/Under the Red Sky/Watching The River Flow/Silvio/Love Minus Zero/Tangled Up in Blue/Lonesme Death of Hattie Carroll/Stuck Inside Of Mobile(i)
Not quite the full set on the second night, but quite a different song list. For some reason, less engaging than the earlier film - though it has to be said neither is a classic, partly because the camera rarely gets close to Dylan.  I've heard from the Technical Director for these shows that "t
he reason the second show was not directed as well was because Bob said he did not like the directing of the first show and did not want any close ups or fast cuts."

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