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The late-90's cntinued pretty much in the vein set out at the start of the never Ending Tour - gigs, recording and little public activity.
10 February 1997- Tokyo, Japan - TV News Film
Like A Rolling Stone clip shot on stage at Tokyo.
27/9/97 - Catholic Eucharistic Congress in Bologna - ****3 Songs (25m)
Knockin' on heavens Door/A Hard Rain/Forever Young
Bob meets the Pope. See it and believe it! His Popeness doesn't look too impressed. Great hat!

30 September 1997 - Release of 37th Album, Time Out Of Mind
1997 - 'Time Out of Mind' Promotional Video - ***** (6m)
'Not Dark Yet' promo.
This is a little too moody and over edited to do the song justice. Better than nothing though. It gets 5*'s just for being 'Not Dark Yet'.

1997 - Wyclef Jean Video **(30s)
Bob cameos in Wyclef Jean's 'Gone till November' promo, sitting next to Wyclef in Los Angeles airport lounge.

7/12/97 - John F.Kennedy Award Honors (25m)
Dylan was not required to speak or perform. He watches Bruce Springsteen sing "The Times They Are A Changin'," David Ball perform "Don't Think Twice," and gospel singer Shirley Ceasar sing "You Got To Serve Somebody."
25/2/98 - 1998 Grammy Awards -*****1 song (7m)
'Love Sick' with bizzare 'Soy Bomb' incident. Bob gets another Grammy and makes a short speech.

11/4/98 - Rolling Stones Concert - Rio De Janeiro - ****1 song (8m)
This Stones show was shown live on Brazillian TV. Bob joins in for 'Like a rolling stone'. You've got to like this film - Jagger's antics fairly crack Bob up! Richards and Wood both tease him a bit too.

7/6/98 - Norwegian Wood Festival - TV News*(1m)
A fragment of 'Silvio' filmed from the crowd audience video style.
Sorry, no still available 20/7/98 - Arte TV Roskilde Festivel TV News - (?)
A few minutes of 'Ballad of a Thin Man' (Isis 82).
6/9/98 - New Zealand TV News - *(1m)
Short TV News film of Bob and his minders leaving the Airport and getting on to his bus.
13 October 1998 - Release of 38th Album, Live 1966
27/1/99 - Muddy Waters Tribute - (?)
2 short interview segments (possibly filmed in '97) for this Kennedy Centre Tribute to Muddy. Dylan talks about the "dark woods" that Muddy brought through his music from the south to the north.


6/4/99 - Johnny Cash Tribute - ****(5m)
This was broadcast on TNT, probably taped during rehearsals for the European Tour. (A live Spanish broadcast was planned - but this didn't happen). Bob pays his dues to Cash, introducing a super version of 'Train of Love' introduced as 'One of your songs about trains... I used to sing this before I ever wrote a song... and I wanna thank you for standing up for me way back when".
14/4/99 - Madrid TV News - **(1m)
A short tantalising clip of 'Friend of the Devil' mostly with a newscaster talking over it, but very clear. Hopefully more from this film will emerge one day.
22/4/99 - Barcelona TV News - *(1m)
A couple of distant seconds shows a hooded Bob (we're told) heading from his coach to the Sport Palace for the Barcelona gig.

30/6/99 - Eric Clapton's Crossroads Centre Benefit Concert - Madison Square Garden - ****(15m)
Eric Clapton invites Bob Dylan, Sheryl Crow, Mary J. Blige, and David Sanborn to perform in a benefit for his Crossroads Centre at Antigua. An official video/DVD is on release - Bob performs 'Don't Think Twice' and duets with Eric on 'Crossroads'. Nice film.

Eric Clapton Benefit for Crossroads DVD
Order it now from or

Sorry, no enlargement available 12/10/99 - Dharma & Greg - ***(5m)
Bob cameos on US sit-com. He smiles and plays guitar and even has a line! A fun piece of film.

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