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The new millennium has started well for Bob Dylan - an Oscar & Golden Globe for Things Have Changed, a Grammy for Love and Theft. The enthusiasm for Masked and Anonymous (even if the film passed most people by) and now Volume One of Chronicles and still time to keep on the road!
February 2000 - Promotional Video 'Things Have Changed' -*****(5m)
Brand new video, directed by Curtis Hanson, from the upcoming film, 'Wonder Boys'. Bob's first new song since 'Time Out Of Mind' appears on the Wonder Boys soundtrack.

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23/2/2000 - 42nd Grammies - **(2m)
Bob Dylan and Lauryn Hill present award for best album to Carlos Santana at the 42nd Grammies.
15/5/2000 - Polar Music Prize - **(2hrs!)
Bob receives the Polar Music Prize at Berwaldhallen in Stockholm, Sweden. Poor Bob, why do we make him do these things? A mind numbing pageant of violins, speeches and other people performing his songs. Rounded off by a bizzare dinner party that Bob managed to duck out of.
21/5/2000 - Horsens TV News - Denmark TV2(?)
Danish TV2 caught Dylan walking out from the Horsens theatre and into a waiting van, all wrapped up with a white towel around his head. (R.M.D)
The picture on the left was taken at the time, but isn't from the film clip.
27/5/2000 - Modena - Italian TV News**(3m)
Really nice film (hopefully there's more of this somewhere?) of the 'Duncan and Brady' opener. Then spoiled by a zoomed out clip with an old 1997 Bologna tape-over of 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' (which Bob didn't even play that night!) before closing with a few seconds of instrumental from 'Country Pie'?

31/5/2000 - Ancona - Italian TV News*(2m)
Bob strolling around with his bodyguards and a short clip of the closing instrumental passage (with mouth organ) from 'Drifter's Escape'.
21/1/2001- The Golden Globe Awards - Los Angeles - *****(2m)
Bob picks up a Golden Globe for 'Things Have Changed'. Lookin' good and a short snappy acceptance speech! Well done, Mr Dylan. The award was presented by Phil Collins and Monica. Bob was followed on stage by Julia Roberts who gave him a nice mention too. Bob was also shown during Tom Hanks' speech when he mentioned Dyan after mentioning Al Pacino, who had just given his own speech.
25/3/2001- The Academy Awards - via Satellite from Sydney, Australia*****(4m)
Bob follows up the Golden globe with an Oscar. Great live performance of the song from Sydney and a nice acceptance speech. Lovely stuff, shot it in the same studios where he taped the 'Don Lane Show' back in '66.

25/3/2001- Oscars - additional news coverage - Australian TV News***(4m)
Dropped into a tongue-in-cheek news story about security for the Oscars broadcast are a couple of short clips of the rehearsal and acceptance from a local TV news camera.
12/5/2001- Trinidad vs. Joppy - TV News - *(?)
Dylan watches the Felix Trinidad-William Joppy WBA Middleweight Championship bout at Madison Square Garden. He can be spotted in the distance briefly during the final seconds. The photo left is from the press coverage, not TV.
24/6/2001- Trondheim NRK-TV News*(18m)
One of those short, distant clips (of I'll Be Your Baby Tonight) from a news camera in the audience at the Trondheim show. These news clips seem to be a regular feature of Bob's european festival gigs.
28/8/2001- 'Love & Theft' TV advertisement - ***(1m)
"Set to the music of `Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum' the lead-off track of Love And Theft, the commercial depicts a poker game in which a mysterious cast of characters -- including those played by Bob Dylan and legendary card master Ricky Jay -- plot and scheme their way through a crucial hand. Lust corrupts, tempers rage and chips fly in the fast-paced spot lensed by award-winning commercial director Kinka Usher."

11 September 2001- Release of 39th Album, Love and Theft
Autumn 2001- Chicago Interview (1m)
Chicago TV did a Staples' doucmentary which Included two snippets of Bob, taken from an interview he did when in Chicago. He's sitting in front of a window in his hotel room, in his usual concert dress, including black
stetson. The two quotes go like this:
"Pop's tremelo sound not only was...made the listener tremble and shake, while others' tremelo sounds didn't quite achieve that. But Pop made you feel the trembling that was inside you, inside yourself." and later "There was no telling which way they were going to go. They were completely unpredictable. Every song was different..." He was obviously cut off mid stream, so there's probably more of this on video tape somewhere in Chicago if anyone has any connections there.
27/2/2002 - Grammy Awards - (5m) Cry a While
Bob Dylan performs "Cry A While" during the 44th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles and picked up an award for best Contemporary Folk album for 'Love and Theft'.

7/4/2002 - Langesund, Oslo, Norway ()
Brief TV documentary footage
from a programme called "Da Dylan Kom Til Langesund" (When Dylan Came To Langesund). It was about the preparations for the show, interviews with the promoters, stuff like that. It had a clip of Dylan arriving from at the Torp airport in Sandefjord, plus a couple of minutes from the show, with "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" from Unplugged on the soundtrack.
17 June-17 July 2002 - Masked and Anonymous
Bob Dylan takes the starring role in Masked and Anonymous, the first feature directed by Larry Charles. The film is described as a fable-like musical drama set in a nameless country wracked by an endless and senseless civil war in which all have forgotten what they are fighting about. Dylan stars as Jack Fate, a washed up singer wrestling with his personal demons on the eve of his final benefit concert.
26 November 2002- Release of 40th Album, Live 1975
Promotional Video for Cross the Green Mountain - Filmed late 2002 - Released 26 January 2003
Video for the new Dylan song Cross the Green Mountain. The song is from the soundtrack to Gods And Generals, the new Civil War film epic

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Victoria's Secret Commercial - January 2004 - 30s
Bob looks cool with ladies in underwear whilst 'Love Sick' provides the soundtrack.
'We asked him to be in the commercials and he said yes, he would gladly go off to Venice with the supermodels'.


28 March 2004 - NBC Apollo Theater 70th Anniversary show
Dylan, fronting a band at an electric piano. Completing a circular vignette, singing in his unmistakable gravelly growl, he saluted Sam Cooke in a rendition of A Change Is Gonna Come.
30 March 2004 - Release of 41st Album, Live 1964

5 May 2004 - Willie Nelson & Friends: Outlaws and Angels -, Wiltern Theater, LA
Dylan was among the early performers, singing with Nelson on "You Win Again," a Hank Williams song available on bootleg from Dylan's "Basement Tapes" sessions in the late 1960s. The DVD of this show also includes about 25 seconds from the reharsals.

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23 June 2004 - St Andrews University - BBC TV Scotland
The University of St Andrews made Bob Dylan a Doctor of Music at the 2004 summer graduation ceremony on Wednesday 23 June 2004. Dylan didn't speak during the ceremony, but was caught arriving on camera by local BBC TV and was filmed receiving his Doctorate and bowing to the audience.

5 October 2004 - Publication of Chronicles Volume One
19 November 2004 - CBS 60 Minutes Interview
Bob Dylan appeared on "60 Minutes" — his first television interview in more than 19 years. Dylan sat with correspondent Ed Bradley for 90 minutes on Friday 19 November while on tour in Northampton, Mass. — the interview aired on 5 December. In the broadcast, Dylan talks about his career, fame, his difficult relationship with the press and his relationship with his father.
16 July 2005 - 10th Anniversary Concert
Maggie's Farm / Tell Me That It Isn't True / I'll Be Your Baby Tonight / Lay, Lady, Lay / Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)/ Blind Willie McTell / Watching The River Flow / Ballad Of A Thin Man / I Shall Be Released (with Norah Jones on vocals)
September 2005 - No Direction Home Documentary
Martin Scorsese directs this consumate examination of the early Dylan - lots of clips and outtakes from Festival and Don't Look Back. And recent extracts from the Jeff Rosen interview filmed a couple of years earlier.

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25 September 2006 - Release of Modern Times CD
August 2006  - 'When The Deal Goes Down' Promo
Actress Scarlett Johansson stars in a new short film set to Bob Dylan's new song "When The Deal Goes Down," which premiered on AOL yesterday and will be widely released online and to video channels today. Directed by Academy Award nominee Bennett Miller (Capote), the silent film was shot on 8mm and takes place in the early 1960s. Clues connecting the film's scenes to Bob Dylan's early career are creatively placed throughout the piece. Bob doesn't appear himself. 

2006 ipod August 2006 - iPod Commercial
Thirty seconds of Bob strumming along to
Someday Baby to promote the iPod
2007 Cadillac October 2007 - Cadillac commercial
Bob Dylan has added Cadillac to his short list of product endorsements. He is featured in a television ad for the 2008 Escalade.  The ad features Dylan behind the wheel of a Cadillac driving across a remote desert listening to the XM satellite radio network. Dylan has one line in the commercial: "What's life without taking a few detours?"
24 April 2009 - Release of Together Through Life CD
September 2009 - Things Have Changed - Michael Douglas Lifetime Achievement Show
Joan Baez: How Sweet the Sound
Directed by Mary Wharton. The film includes numerous new interviews with the men in Baez's life, interspersed with archival concert footage and newsreel images of her 51-year career as a performer, pacifist and social activist. The normally reticent Dylan refers to Baez as "Joanie" throughout the film, and generously heaps praise upon her abilities and her commitment to social causes, which included marching for civil rights with Martin Luther King Jr. and going to jail for her anti-Vietnam draft protests.
12 October 2009 - Release of Christmas in the Heart CD
November 2009 - 'Little Drummer Boy' - Bobless animation but quite pleasant at
Greatest Christmas Video ever? Bob Dylan's 'Must Be Santa'
December 2009 - "Do Re Mi" from 2009 History Channel 'Let The People Speak' Documentary
9 Feb 2010: Wow... Amazing performance by Dylan for Barack Obama this weekend. Love how this battle-cry from the 60's is reinterpreted - the wisdom and experience drips off every line - See it at YouTube.
Summer 2010: Watch Bob Dylan’s Weird TV Appearance on Pawn Stars (honest!)

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