on film and television 1967

Studio films and more studio films....

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19-20 January 1967 &
10 February 1967
'A Day in The Life' Sessions
The Beatles allowed the studio seesions for 'A Day in The Life', which was recorded over these days, to be filmed. The clips were subsequently used in a number of different promo films of the song.
30-31 January 1967
'Strawberry Fields Forever' Promo
The Beatles filmed a promo for 'Strawberry Fields Forever' in Sevenoaks, Kent.

5 & 7 February 1967
'Penny Lane' Promo
A promo for 'Penny Lane' was filmed in Stratford, East London and Sevenoaks, Kent.

25 June 1967
Our World
'Our World' was one of the first international shows with a multiplicity of nations viewing and contributing. The Beatles performed 'All You Need is Love', written specially for the event. A second version was recorded for the BBC and much of the days rehearsal was also filmed.

11-25 September, 1, 29, 30 & 31 October, 3 November 1967
'Magical Mystery Tour'
The band took their own coach on the road to film a television special. 'Magical Mystery Tour' was broadcast by the BBC on 26 December 1967 and was widely panned by the critics. As well as the film itself, there are outtakes and home movies sho by the cast and crew also available.

10 November 1967
'Hello, Goodbye' Promos
Three promo films for 'Hello, Goodbye' were filmed today at the Saville theatre in London. In one, the band wore their Sgt Pepper uniforms.