on film and television 1968

Another year in the studio, with the only 'performance' film form the period being shot at Abbey Road studios. The outstanding exception being the promos for 'Hey Jude' and 'Revolution'.

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11 February 1968
'Lady Madonna' / 'Hey Bulldog' promos
The Beatles were filmed in the studio recording 'Hey Bulldog' . Ironically, the film was used to produce two similar promos for 'Lady Madonna' and one for 'Hey Bulldog'..

13 June 1968
Apple Records Promo
More studio footage, this time for an Apple Records promotional film. Paul runs through 'Blackbird' and part of 'Helter Skelter'.
30 July 1968
The Beatles were filmed rehearsing 'Hey Jude' in the studio by the National Music Council of Great Britain for a documentary called 'Music!'

4 September 1968
Hey Jude / Revolution Promos


The band spent the day at Twickenham studios recoring a number of live performance promos for 'Hey Jude' (at least 3 versions) and 'Revolution' (at least 2 versions). David Frost also filmed a segment to act as an intro to the film on his show.