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I've added this page to make use of all the images I've accumulated over the years. hopefully this enriches the content and puts the films into context. Can't remember now where I got most of these from - mostly eBay, Amazon and memorabilia/record shop sites. Still got many more pictures, will get round to adding them as the weeks go by...

The Books
The Tours
The Records


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The Books
Spring 1956 - Publication of first collection of poetry Let Us Compare Mythologies
Parásitos del Paraíso
1961 - Publication of second collection of poetry The Spice-Box Of Earth
Spanish edition

1963 - Publication of his first novel The Favourite Game

Spanish editionSpanish edition

1964 - Publication of third collection of poetry Flowers For Hitler
Spanish edition

1966 - Publication of his second novel Beautiful Losers

Dutch editionSpanish editionSpanish edition

1966 - Publication of his fourth collection of poetry Parasites of Heaven
Spanish edition
1968 - Publication of his fifth collection of poetry Selected Poems: 1956-1968
1972 - Publication of his sixth collection of poetry The Energy Of Slaves
Spanish editionSpanish editionSpanish edition
1978 - Publication of his seventh collection of poetry Death of a Lady's Man
Spanish edition
1984 - Publication of his eighth collection of poetry Book of Mercy
Spanish edition
1993 - Publication of his ninth collection of poetry Stranger Music
Farsi editionSpecial Limited EditionSpanish edition

The Tours

1970 saw Leonard Cohen play a number of festivals in the US and Europe and also 7 concerts in Germany, Austria, England and France.
1970 Isle of Wight PosterIsle of Wight FlyerIsle of Wight Ticket1970 Isle of Wight - Ferry Ticket1970 Isle of wight video 2-8-70 - Aix-En-Provence Festval - Film Poster

In March and April 1972 Leonard Cohen played a series of 21 shows across Europe and Israel.
Live Songs adFilm advert 1974Poster - Berlin 8 April 1972
Between September 1974 and March 1975 Leonard Cohen played 55 shows across Europe and America.
UK 1974 Tour ad
Between April and July 1976 Leonard Cohen undertook a 55 show tour of Europe.
1976 - Frankfurt Poster1976 - Munich PosterMainz - 4 May 1976 ticket 24-4-76 Hamburg 13 May Leicester
Between October and December 1979 Leonard Cohen played 51 shows across Europe.
Poster - Germany Poster - Hamburg1979 Poster - Berlin London 6-12-79
During 1980, Leonard played 7 concerts in Australia (March), 1 in the US (October) and 29 in Europe (October-November).

1980 spanish ticket??
From January-July 1985 there was a 77 concert world tour taking in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Israel
1985 Tour Poster1985 Tour Poster1985 Tour Poster1985 Tour Book1985 Tour Book - AustraliaCologne ticket 11-3-85
San Fransisco Ticket - 8-6-85Cascais - 18.02.85

April-July 1988 - 63 show European/US Tour; October-November 1988 - 21 show US/Canadian Tour
1988 Tour Poster1988 Tour Poster1988 Tour Programme1988 Tour T-ShirtFilmore 1988 Poster First We Take Manhattan Poster 1988 Carnegie Hall PosterTour Poster - Antwerp
Cologne ticket 10-4-88 24 May 88 Barcelona London 30 May 1988

The 1993 Tour saw Leonard Cohen play 63 shows between April and July 1963 across Europe, USA and Canada.
1993 Radio Show poster 1993 Tour Book

The Records
December 1967 - Release of 1st album: Songs of Leonard Cohen
Songs of Leonard CohenSuzanneSuzanne + 5McCabe & Mrs Miller OSTMcCabe & Mrs Miller OSTMcCabe & Mrs Miller OSTSuzanne - Spain '76
Suzanne / Marianne
April 1969 - Release of 2nd album: Songs From A Room
The PartisanThe Partisan
March 1971 - Release of 3rd album: Songs of Love and Hate
Joan of arcJoan of Arc

April 1973 - Release of 4th album: Live Songs
Passing Through / Nancy

August 1974 - Release of 5th album: New Skin For The Old Ceremony
New Skin For The Old CeremonyLover Lover LoverLover Lover LoverDo I have to dance all night - Holland '76Tonight Will Be fine - Germany '74Lover Lover LoverIs This what You Wanted?Lover Lover Lover - German
Italian Lover Lover LoverDanced all Night - Spain 76Lover Lover Lover
November 1977 - Release of 6th album: Death of a Ladies' Man
MemoriesMemories - German
September 1979 - Release of 7th album: Recent Songs
The GuestsThe Guests - France
December 1984 - Release of 8th album: Various Positions
Dance Me To The End of LoveHallelujahDance Me To The End Of Love
February 1988 - Release of 9th album: I'm Your Man
I'm Your Man
First We Take ManhattanManhattan - Dutch promoI'm your Man - Spanish PromoTake This WaltzFirst We Take ManhattanEverybody Knows - SpanishTake This Waltz
November 1992 - Release of 10th album: The Future
The FutureClosing TimeThe Future Spanish PromoClosing TimeDemocracyThe FutureClosing TimeFuture promo book/cuffs
Closing Time - CD
June 1994 - Release of 11th album: Cohen Live
SamplerNever Any Good 1997
February 2001 - Release of 12th album: Field Commander Cohen - Tour of 1979
October 2001 - Release of 13th album: Ten New Songs
In My secret Life - french PromoBoogie Street - Polish promoIn My Secret Life
October 2004 - Release of 14th album: Dear Heather
Dear Heather advertThe Letters - Israeli promoPromo PostcardPromo Postcard

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